Our Courses

  • PPL (Private Pilot License)

    Want to learn how to fly? Well this is the first step in the aviation career. Obtain your private pilot's license fast while having fun!

  • Instruments Rating

    Ready to go beyond VFR minimums? Get your instrument rating & learn how to operate an aircraft solely with instruments in the aircraft.

  • CPL (Commercial Pilot License)

    Ready to turn your flying passion into a career? Obtain your commercial pilot's license!

  • Multi-Engine Add-On

    Obtain your multi-engine license on our beautiful piper aztec! Great plane to learn and sharpen your flight skills!

  • Flight Instructor Course - CFI, CFII, MEI

    Become a private pilot rated instructor, instrument rated instructor, or multi-engine rated instructor!

  • Youth Program

    We provide discovery flights for young aviators to unlock their dreams of becoming a pilot.

  • Discovery

    Enjoy Florida's beautiful views from the sky! Pick from our multi-engine or single engine airplanes!