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CPL (Commercial Pilot License

Ready to turn your flying passion into a career? Obtain your commercial pilot's license!

Youth Program

Allowing kids and teens of any age to explore aviation. We provide discovery flights for young aviators to unlock their dreams of becoming a pilot. Help your students fly high in the sky with our great range of air and flight related lessons, teaching ideas, activities and pre-flight…

Instrument Rating

Ready to go beyond VFR minimums? Get your instrument rating and learn how to operate an aircraft solely with the instruments in the aircraft.


Enjoy Florida's beautiful views from the sky! Pick from our multi-engine or single engine airplanes!

Multi Engine Add-On

Obtain your multi-engine license on our beautiful piper aztec! Great plane to learn on!

Flight Instructor Course CFI,CFII,MEI

Become a private pilot rated instructor, instrument rated instructor, or multi-engine rated instructor!

PPL (Private Pilot License)

Want to learn how to fly? Well this is the first step in the aviation career. Obtain your private pilot's license fast while having fun!

At Airmax Aviation our Flight Training School comes complete with fully equipped aircraft. We provide the fastest options for training with over a decade of experience.Our students have options for the skill level of choice. Choosing the right flight school is an important decision and one that needs careful consideration. After all, there is a lot of time and expense in becoming properly trained, and you need to know for certain you’ve made the right choice.

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